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If you travel with your phone, you probably know what “data roaming” is all about. Put simply: it means that your phone is using a cellular network that Rogers doesn’t own to send and receive data.

When you travel, your best bet is to purchase a Data Roaming Pass; pay a one-time fee, and you receive a certain number of MBs with which to access the internet on your smartphone. On the Windows Phone 8 operating system, your phone is set by default to the Don’t Roam option. Here’s how to change that roaming setting:


  1. Go to the App List. To do so, just flick left from the Start screen.
  2. Tap Settings, then Cellular or Mobile Network.
  3. Tap Data roaming options, and then choose Roam. Now, when you’re in a roaming area, your phone will continue to use its celluar data connection. This is where having purchased a Data Roaming Pass from Rogers will save you lots of money. If you haven’t already pre-purchased one, you will automatically receive a text message with instructions on how to purchase one.
  4. To turn off roaming, tap Data roaming options, then Don’t roam. Now, when you’re in a roaming area, your cellular data connection will be turned off.

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