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Just because you’re travelling, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay connected. The good news is, it’s easy to switch your internet on or off as you need. Many devices have data roaming turned off as a default setting. But if you need to check email or check in on Facebook, here’s how to turn your internet on:

Steps may vary by device and Operating System version.


1. Press the Menu button and then select Settings then More settings.

2. Select Mobile networks. Check the Data Roaming box to turn it On; do the opposite to turn it back off.

(NOTE: This example is for Android Jelly Bean (Version 4.1). May vary for other versions)


1. Select the Options icon from the Home screen then select Network and Connections.

2. Click Mobile Network Options and then check off the While roaming field under Data services.

Steps apply to BlackBerry OS 6 and OS 7.


1. From the home screen, go to Settings, Network Connections and then Mobile Network.

2. Here you can:
• Disable Data: Slide the Data Services toggle to On or Off.
• Toggle Data Roaming: Tap Data Services While Roaming and choose either On, Off or that you want to be Prompted what to do.


1. Go to the App List by flicking left from the Start screen.

2. Tap Settings, then Cellular or Mobile Network.

3. Tap Data Roaming Options, and then select Roam.

4. To disable roaming, select Don’t Roam instead.


1. Tap Settings on your homescreen.

2. Tap General, then select Network.

3. Slide Data Roaming to On.

TIP: Alternately, you might want to turn data roaming OFF (if, for example, you’ve left Canada and don’t want to incur internet roaming usage). Follow the steps above, but select OFF instead.

Looking to control your internet charges while travelling? Rogers recommends that you purchase a Roaming Data Pass. While you’re away, you’ll receive text-message usage notifications and will be hard stopped once your Pass expires so you never pay more then you’re expecting.

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