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If you haven’t held the Internet in the palm of your hand, you should totally try it. It’s a pretty empowering experience. Aside from letting you send and receive emails, check in on social media and use web-based apps, it can also settle friendly bets with one quick visit to Wikipedia. It’s not an exaggeration to say that a smartphone equipped with a wireless internet plan can actually change the way you live.

Not ready to commit to a monthly wireless internet plan? Rogers lets you have access to wireless internet without a plan, with a Wireless Internet Day Pass. For as little as $1, it lasts 24 hours and lets you email, browse the web and use apps. For example, you can pay $1 for a 10 MB day pass. If you exceed 10 MBs, you’ll be prompted with an offer to buy another pass – which you can accept or turn down. Meaning, you’ll have no extra charges that you don’t explicitly consent to. You’re in complete control of your wireless internet charges.

To try out a Pass, just launch your internet browser and you’ll be asked to purchase a wireless internet pass when you browse to any chargeable website before you can continue.

Tip: Want more than a day, but still less than a monthly plan? Opt for a Weekly Pass. It costs $5 and you receive 60 MBs. Just like with the Day Pass, if you exceed 60 MBs, you’ll be prompted with an offer to buy another pass.

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