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When you move from an iPhone to an Android phone, you’ll want to move your content from your old device to your new one. This isn’t difficult, but does involve a bit of preparation and a few steps.

First things first, sign up for a free Google account, if you don’t already have one. Your Android device will prompt you to log in with your Google Account when you power it on for the first time. Just log in with the Google Account you synced your iPhone contacts and calendars to (see steps below) and everything will come over automatically.

If you’ve already gone through the initial setup on your Android device though, not to worry; you can add a Google Account at any time by going to Settings > Accounts > Add account on your Android phone.

We’ll detail all the steps to manually move your stuff from iPhone to Android below. However, if you have a Samsung or an HTC device, there may be some help available. HTC Sync Manager does a decent job of moving all your stuff over for you. Samsung Kies can also offer a little help with the migration.

Move your Calendars

You’ll want to switch to using your Google account as your primary calendar. This way, you’ll have access to all your appointments in your Google Calendar. But don’t worry; you can still use Outlook on your PC, Calendar or your Mac or just about any other desktop calendar application you prefer.

First, you’ll need to export your current calendar events:

Exporting Contacts Using Outlook on a PC

  1. Open Outlook, click on File, Open then Import.
  2. Select Export to a file then Next.
  3. Select CSV as the file type from the drop-down menu and click Next.
  4. Save the CSV file somewhere you’ll be able to find it later.
  5. Go to Google Calendar and sign in to your Google account.
  6. Click the cog icon in the top right and choose Settings.
  7. Click the Calendars tab in the top left.
  8. Scroll down and select Import calendar.
  9. Click Choose File and navigate to the CSV file saved earlier.
  10. Click on Import.

Exporting Contacts Using iCal / Calendar on a Mac

  1. Open Calendar.
  2. Select the calendar you’d like to export.
  3. Select File in the menu bar, choose Export > Export.
  4. Save the file somewhere you’ll remember.
  5. Go to Google Calendar and sign in to your Google account.
  6. Click the cog icon in the top right and choose Settings.
  7. Click the Calendars tab in the top left.
  8. Scroll down and select Import calendar.
  9. Click Choose File and navigate to the calendar export file saved earlier (it will have a .ics file extension).
  10. Click on Import.

Move your Contacts

If you’re using iCloud, you’ll need to turn off contact sync first. On your iPhone, go to Settings, then iCloud and ensure the switch beside Contacts is set to off.

  1. Plug your iPhone into your computer using the included USB cable.
  2. In iTunes, click on Info.
  3. Check the box to sync contacts.
  4. In the drop-down menu beside “Sync Contacts With,” select Google Contacts.
  5. Click Configure and enter your Google account information.

Once the sync is complete, your iPhone contacts are backed up in your Google account. They’ll automatically come over to your Android phone when you add your Google account in the initial setup steps.

Get your Mail

If you want the best email experience on your Android phone, move to Gmail. You can add any email account to Gmail on your computer. To do that:

  1. Go to Gmail on your computer and log in.
  2. Click the cog icon in the top right and choose Settings.
  3. Click on Accounts and choose “Add another email address you own.”
  4. Follow the steps to add an email address to your Gmail account.

Alternately, you can continue using whatever email address you currently use by just adding it on your Android device. To do so:

  1. Open Settings and slide down to Accounts.
  2. Tap Add account.
  3. Choose the account type which will be either Corporate (in the case of a Microsoft Exchange email address such as you might have at work) or just Email (for things like Yahoo! Mail or other accounts).
  4. Enter your email address and password, tap Next and follow the setup steps.

Moving your Music

Moving to Android doesn’t mean losing the music you have in iTunes. You can move all your music to Android – or at least all the music purchased since 2009, when Apple removed the digital rights management (DRM) restrictions on much of the music it sold. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Plug your Android phone into your computer using the provided USB cable.
  2. Your phone will appear as a drive in your computer. Open the drive then open the Music folder.
  3. In a separate window, navigate to your iTunes folder. Generally speaking, the folder is in C:\Users\username\Music\iTunes on a Windows PC and in /Users/username/Music/iTunes on a Mac.
  4. Select the music you want to move and drop it into your Android phone’s Music folder.

Photos and Videos

To backup all the photos and videos you’ve taken on your iPhone, first sign up for a Dropbox account, then download and install the Dropbox application on your computer. When you plug in your iPhone, you’ll be invited to save your photos and videos to Dropbox. Just click Start Import and let the process finish. Install the Dropbox app for Android and you’ll always have access to your iPhone photos.

Like any new relationship, it might take a little while to settle into a groove with your new Android phone. While the transition can be a little jarring, you can at least rest assured that the next time you change phones, all you’ll need to do is enter your Google account info and everything – your email, your contacts, your calendars, even your Wi-Fi passwords and dictionary entries ­– will come along for the ride.

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