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When you can’t take a call – if you’re in a meeting, if you’re driving or if your phone is off – voicemail will take it for you. Here’s how to set up your voicemail:

  1. Open the dialer on your BlackBerry 10 handset.
  2. Press and hold the 1 key to dial in to voicemail.
  3. The first time you dial in, you’ll be prompted to record a greeting and configure your voicemail box.
  4. Follow the voice prompts to complete voicemail setup.

Tip: You can access your voicemail from any phone by dialing your wireless number and then hitting # when the greeting plays.

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2 thoughts on “How-To: Set Up Your BlackBerry 10 Voicemail

Aaron Rubio, on said:

I try to setup my voicemail. I click 1 on the dial pad and it says calling voicemail, but after 3 seconds the call is ended.

How can I fix this issue?


    @RogersNicolas, on said:

    Hi Aaron,

    Can you please reach out to Customer Care via our Facebook page or Twitter @RogersHelps regarding this matter?

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