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What is Visual Voicemail Plus?

When someone leaves you a voicemail message on your wireless phone, an audio file and a text transcription of the message will be automatically delivered to your phone. That means you can listen to and read the message without having to dial in to your voicemail service.

7 Ways Visual Voicemail Plus Can Help Save You Time:

  1. Visual Voicemail Plus eliminates the need to dial in to your voicemail
  2. It offers a discreet way to check messages in meetings, at work, and so on.
  3. It lets you keep a permanent record of important
    messages on your wireless phone
  4. Respond to messages via SMS or MMS with Visual Voicemail Plus
  5. Read or listen to messages discreetly and in any order
  6. Respond with a one-click call back or text/MMS/email message
  7. Voicemail messages sent to your phone synchronize with your voicemail service

HOW TO SET-UP VISUAL VOICEMAIL PLUS: (For Blackberry or Android)

  1. Subscribe to the Visual Voicemail Plus service and you’ll be sent a text with a link to download the app. Download it now.
  2. Open the application and follow the prompts to activate the service.
  3. Once completed, new voicemail messages will be delivered to this app. If you prefer to access your messages in the traditional way, just press and hold ’1′ on your device’s keypad.

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