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While calls are being forwarded, you can still make calls just as you normally would. However, incoming calls will be redirected to the number you specify without ringing through on either your Rogers Wireless number or on your computer or tablet.

Setting up call forwarding on your wireless phone is easy. Setting up call forwarding on your computer or tablet is even easier. Here’s how:

1. On your Rogers One Number site on your computer or tablet, click on My Settings.

2. Click on Reach Me Rules, then click on Forward My Calls.

3. Set the number to which your calls will be forwarded, and the length of time you’d like the forwarding rule to remain active.

4. Click Activate.

Tip: When the length of time you specify for your call-forwarding rule elapses, all calls to your Rogers wireless number will again ring through on your wireless phone and/or Rogers One Number Web phone.

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