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Connected Rogers

Quick Tips


1. Connect to a wired or Wi-Fi network and launch Rogers One Number.

2. Click the blue pencil icon.

3. Click the speech bubble icon.

4. Either type the contact’s name (if you have synced your contacts with Rogers One Number) or enter the phone number to send the message to.

5. Type the message and press Send.

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6 thoughts on “How-To: Text with Rogers One Number

abigo sarah, on said:

how do i get started? What is this rogers one phone number?


Fred Dettling, on said:

If you are connected to wifi with your smart phone and you are in the US. Is text messaging free ? or do you have to text through Rogers one number ??


    ConnectedStaff, on said:

    Hi Fred,
    Thank you for your inquiry. Regular local and long distance charges under your Rogers wireless plan apply when using the Rogers One Number™ service with your wireless device. This includes text/picture/video messages sent from Rogers One Number™ web phone to Canadian wireless numbers; incoming messages will be charged as per your wireless plan and current pay-per-use rates (as applicable). Customers would have to use the web phone app on their computer to call and text any Canadian number, from anywhere in the world for free.

Melissa Garrett, on said:

If you text from the US back to Canada using your Rogers One Number, will you be charged a US roaming text rate or because you are using WiFi, is there no charge for the text?


    ConnectedStaff, on said:

    Hi Melissa,
    This rate covers data or roaming internet only. To view our talk and text package options while roaming, please visit at no charge on your phone (or text ‘travel’ to 7626). Thanks.

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