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Connected Rogers

Quick Tips


Select People and swipe All. Then select the search icon and start writing a name. The list filters as you write.

Jump to a letter of the alphabet
First select any letter, then the desired letter, and you’ll jump to that point in your contacts list.

Reduce the number of visible contacts
Select > Settings > Filter my contact list, and select or clear the appropriate check boxes.

Link Contacts

Do you have contact information for the same person from different social networking services or mail accounts as separate contact entries? You can link multiple contacts to ensure their information is in a single contact card.

A) Select People and swipe All.

B) Link two or more contacts:

1. Select the main contact you want to link to and select.

2. Select Choose a Contact and the contact to be linked.

Tip: Pin your most important contacts or contact groups to the start screen. Select and hold a contact, then select pin to start.

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