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Insurance companies know that burglars are at least smart enough to avoid houses with a security system installed. When you get a security system like, say, Rogers Smart Home Monitoring, your break-in risk goes down. When that risk goes down, so can your home-insurance premiums.

The process for letting your insurance company know that you’ve installed a home-security system varies depending on the company with which you’re insured. What doesn’t vary, though, is how simple it is to get the Alarm Monitoring Certificate you’ll need to send them.

Assuming you already have the Rogers Smart Home Monitoring System installed (if not, no time like the present! Just call Rogers at 1-855-771-8078):

1. Log in to your Rogers Smart Home Monitoring Web Control Centre.

2. Click on the Security tab, then click on Insurance Certificate.

3. Print or save the Insurance Certificate to your computer.

4. Contact your insurance company to submit your Insurance Certificate.

Tip: If you’re an Allstate Insurance customer, you can claim a 25% discount on your home-insurance premiums with Rogers Smart Home Monitoring. Go to to learn more.

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