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You knucklehead, you forgot to set the PVR to record tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones and your wife is going to be none too happy. Well, mister, it’s your lucky day. Whip out your trusty iOS or Android device, head to their respective applications depots and download the free Rogers Home Edition app to make things right with the world.

Follow below for what to do next.

  1. Launch the app and sign on with you’re my Rogers user name and password. If you’re not registered with My Rogers, click here.
  2. On the bottom row of icons, tap the one that looks like a PVR (it says ‘PVR’ too). For tablets, this button is in the top left corner.
  3. Here you’ll see your recorded and scheduled programs. Simply tap the one you want to view, modify or delete. You can also delete multiple at a time by tapping the Edit icon.
  4.  To schedule new programming for recording, tap the Guide icon, scroll to the show or movie (you can use the search function to do this as well), tap it and select the Record button.
  5. Confirm your selection and viola, your marriage is saved.

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24 thoughts on “How-To: Remotely Manage Your PVR with the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition App

Deborah, on said:

Instead of telling people to look on Facebook, why don’t you add the Facebook ID here. I just searched "Rogers" and got thirty differant options, none of which showed a customer care!


Shawna, on said:


I have an ipad mini and downloaded this app, but I can’t find an option to control my PVR anywhere.


Sherry, on said:

Sound issue on Anyplace TV Home Edition
so far app works except for:
Cannot seem to get sound.


ajeet, on said:

getting error 1115 – I can’t connect to my nextbox with ipad. Ive tried rebooting and reinstalling the app.


Jhoude, on said:

Just got Nexbox 2.0. Downloaded and installed the Anyplace Home app. See the guide, can’t get access to the PVR. Went to customer service loop from hell. Handed from one representative to another. Must have talked to 7 or 8 of them. By the way, begging for help does not actually work. Product looks cool on TV. Too bad I can’t get anyone to help me get it working.


    @Rogers_Chris, on said:

    Hi Jdoude, please reach out to us @RogersHelps on Twitter or and someone will do their best to get you set up.

    Joel Houde, on said:

    I did reach out. That was my comment about service loop from hell. I finally talked to someone who tried to help a little. Told me someone would get back to me within 48 hrs. Still no response.

    Why would you send me to Twitter or Facebook? How about a solution to my problem here.

    The commercial on TV says it is so easy!!

    @RogersNicolas, on said:

    Hi Joel,

    I understand your frustration but this platform isn’t intended to provide customer service. Hence my advise to reach out to our social media team.

    Joel Houde, on said:

    It suddenly started working.!!! Didn’t do anything!

Jean Deau, on said:

As a Rogers TV customer, why am I being forced to have a Rogers mobile account to access my Rogers Anyplace TV ?
I pay for the TV, don’t I?
So why can’t I access it?


Katharine, on said:

now the error is (922)


    @RogersNicolas, on said:

    Hi Katharine,

    Can you please reach out to Customer Care via our Facebook page or Twitter @RogersHelps regarding that issue?

Charlie, on said:

Just downloaded the app to my iPad, launched it, and signed in. There is no PVR icon in the top left corner or anywhere else.


    @RogersNicolas, on said:

    Hi Charlie,

    Can you please contact Customer Care via our Facebook page or Twitter @RogersHelps? They’ll assist you.

Dave, on said:

I don’t think this app works ‘anyplace’ because I have to be at home to set my pvr. So let’s say I’m at work and I forgot to schedule a recording – can this be done?


philip pike, on said:

Downloaded app. But cannot log in with my Rogers id & password?
Error 804. Check Internet connection?
Please let me know why….


    @Rogers_Chris, on said:

    Please reach out to customer care @RogersHelps on Twitter or

    Katharine, on said:

    I had this same problem yesterday error (804) . Today I unplugged the nextbox and plugged it back in. That worked but now my box and my table won’t sync. who know’s what tomorrow will bring!

Mike, on said:

Please provide an app for Blackberry smartphones and BlackBerry PlayBook!! Support the Canadian Company you are so proud of and that makes Rogers so much revenue!


    Dave, on said:

    Agreed. C’mon Rogers, at least release the app for the BlackBerry Z10. It would probably take your guys a day to port over.

    Support a fellow Canadian company!

    Anonymous, on said:

    While I agree they should develop the app for BlackBerry, I don’t agree with "a day to port over". It literally take Rogers 2 years to build the app to work with the NextBox, and the app is still so buggy that it either won’t connect to the account or the PVR every time. It’s such a frustration to use it.

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