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Quick Tips

BlackBerry Flow is perhaps the single biggest innovation in smartphone navigation since the capacitive touchscreen. Thanks to BlackBerry Flow, the BlackBerry 10 experience, features and apps flow seamlessly together, helping you complete the task at hand more efficiently than ever. Here’s what you need to know.

Unlock: Swipe up from below the screen and release half way up.

Quick launch from lock screen: Tap and hold on a lock screen icon to jump straight in.

Home: In any app or screen, swipe up from below the screen to be dropped in to your active tiles.

Tip: Active tiles show you all your running apps. Tap on an active tile to be dropped back into the app, right where you left off.

Access Settings: From the home screen or in some apps, swipe down from above the screen. Here, you can access quick settings for things like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Silent Mode. Tap the Settings button for more detailed settings.

Tip: To set a lock screen password, go to Settings and choose Device Password under Security and Privacy.

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