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Undeniably, the pristine picture and sound quality that high-definition (HD) TV offers is an out-of-this-world experience, turning regular TV and movie watching into a first class adventure. And watching a crisp picture with pitch-perfect sound has never been more convenient since the introduction of Rogers Auto HD, a free and automatic HD upgrade on many SD (standard definition) channels for Rogers digital customers*. Forget searching through the higher channels to find an HD channel; with Auto HD, many of Rogers’ popular SD channels are automatically enhanced to HD, making it way easier for you to enjoy shows in amazing widescreen high-definition.

With all the benefits of a crystal clear picture, there does arise one set back: PVR space. Because Auto HD programs are also recorded in HD by your PVR, the shows take up more PVR storage space than traditional SD programming. But it’s a small price to pay for the enjoyment of HD, and easily rendered.

How-To: Delete programs on your PVR

By following these simple steps, you can delete programs you’re done watching to make space for new content. To delete specific programs you’re finished with:

  1. Press LIST to see your recordings
  2. Press OK/SELECT to choose the recording you’d like to delete
  3. Scroll down to ERASE and press OK/SELECT on the selected recordings

How-To: Set your PVR to delete older programs automatically

To automatically delete your older programs, you can quickly and easily do an auto delete. To do this, follow these steps**:

  1. Press LIST to see your recordings
  2. Press B to access your preferences
  3. Highlight the programs you want to automatically delete and select TURN ON AUTO DELETE

Be sure to exercise caution when deleting content. Once you delete a program, it’s permanent and cannot be reversed. Now, sit back and enjoy your palpable HD programming and extra space on your PVR.

*Rogers Auto HD is free for all Ontario residents with an existing set-top HD box.

** These instructions apply to customers with a SARA PVR, not a Nextbox RTN PVR. If your PVR has a Quick Start Menu, then these instructions apply to you.

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20 thoughts on “How-To: Manage your PVR recordings

sheilagh campbell, on said:

how to i get rid of a watched programs when i finish. When i go back to list it is still there with a white square


Antony, on said:

Yes! Finally something about set top box pvr.


Elaine, on said:

Well, if you guys would allow us to off-load programs we would like to keep onto a DVD, it would solve a lot of problems. If the Americans can do it, why can’t we?? I have been asking about this for years, but never really got an answer.


Bev Owen, on said:

It’s so good to hear that other folks are having trouble with the whole home PVR. I have had technicians out maybe 3 or 4 times. The last one told me that it was my TV. Nobody seems to be able to solve the problems. Time to pull up your socks Rogers or we’ll all be switching back to Bell.


Horst Ruhs, on said:

I have no problems with my ( your equipment),
after I watch a show I just delete it.I find some
old,stored recordings will never get played
again.I am absolutely delighted with the
quality and clarity of my TV picture.
Thank you for your outstanding service,if need be
there is allways a friently person to talk to.


Ray Wall, on said:

I would like to print all tips you give to enhance our PVR usage plus add to our T V enjoyment, but your site isn,t user friendly. Please advise.


Sonja Gilchrist, on said:

What a dumb article! I thought finally a way to record more shows on my PVR, but NO, you just delete shows to make more room!! Duh! OBVIOUS!! That’s what I end up doing, deciding which show I prefer to keep and which show will maybe come on TV again or be on demand and so is deleted. Right now I have 22 recordings, taking up 69% of recording space! Sounds like a lot of recordings, but a movie takes up some space and I don’t get around to watch my PVR recordings daily, so they pile up!! Wonder how a TV reviewer is able to tape a lot of shows, because I sure can’t!


dino depalma, on said:

In addition to deleting old and already-viewed programs from the PVR, it would be very good to allow the viewer to set the resolution to standard definition rather than having it automatically default to HD. I find that even with SD, the picture quality is quite good.


Al Barnett, on said:

Why do you insist on claiming that your PVR programm is perfect, when it is not. You have had recurring problems since the start-up, things like pixalating, pictures freezing, PVR’s re-booting at odd times and the most annoying is the 2 times a week that the PVR’s stop working just after 2:00am. Whatever channel you are on, you are stuck there. You cannot chancge channels, fast forward or pause. If you are recording something, it continues to record well past the hour you set it to stop. It also does not record the show you have set to begin on the next hour. You must unplug the machine to get it to re-boot, which can take up to 45 minutes and manually record the show that you already had preset to record. No-one can seem to explain why this happens or shows any concern about stopping it. Delivering "awesome picture and sound" seems a little empty when your machine can’t record the shows you have scheduled!


    @Rogers_Chris, on said:

    We make no claims of perfection, Al. We suggest you contact our customer care team @RogersHelps on Twitter or at with your issues for troubleshooting.

Clayton, on said:

Pretty good site…very informative & helpful!


Wenda Stuart, on said:

we are really getting tired of the interruption of the rebooting of our PVR while recording as it stops recording and we lose the rest of the recorded program as it does not reset to continue programming. The PVR menus are not consistent in displaying what your have scheduled by date, name, series etc. so it’s hard to track what you have scheduled when the tv guide changes the viewing times….ugh!


    @RogersNicolas, on said:

    Hi Wenda,

    Sorry to hear that. If you’re experiencing any issue with your equipment, please contact Customer Care so that they may look into it.

    You can reach out to them via Twitter @RogersHelps, Facebook or traditional ways such as Live Chat or over the phone.

Dr.Hemant Pandhi, on said:

Yes, PVR recording seems useful, how to
integrate for home use,needs help


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