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You’re out and someone calls your home phone and leaves a message. The message is immediately forwarded to your mobile phone both as an audio file and as a readable text, as long as it was left in either English or French. Pretty cool, huh? Here’s how to make it happen:

1. Go to and enter in your home phone number and voicemail password.

2. Click Sign In and then click the Voicemail Settings tab.

3. To have your messages forwarded to your mobile phone as a text, click Voicemail to MMS menu on the left-hand side.

4. Enter the 10-digit phone number associated with your mobile, and then place a check mark beside the Automatically forward my Home Phone voicemail messages box.

4. Click Submit.

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3 thoughts on “How-To: Get Your Rogers Home Phone Voicemail Texted to You

Shannon, on said:

Now how do we get the voicemails to text that actually are any resemblance of what the voicemail was. Mine are doing this but still have to listen to the voicemail to make any sense of the text.


Leah Vermette, on said:

How do I get a plan to cover out of country calls?


    @RogersNicolas, on said:

    Hi Leah,

    Feel free to reach out to our Customer Support team via Facebook, Twitter (@RogersHelps) or over the phone.
    They’ll see with you what plan best fits your needs!

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