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Quick Tips


If you prefer a phone with a physical keyboard, the BlackBerry Q10 is the smartphone for you. Here are some little-known tricks to help you get more from your new smartphone’s keyboard.

1. Find an app fast

Rather than finding and opening an app, you can expedite tasks by simply starting to type. For example, type “mail” or “text,” followed by the person you want to write and it’ll start the message for you. Also try “Facebook,” or “tweet,” followed by text.

2. Quick uppercase letters

To type an uppercase letter – such as “A” instead of “a” – simply press and hold the letter in question. Alternatively, tap the Up arrow, followed by the letter. Press ALT and the Up arrow for CAPS LOCK.

3. Add a period

Here’s a time-saving shortcut not everyone knows about: To insert a period (.) at the end of the sentence, simply press the spacebar twice. The next letter will also be capitalized. Similarly, press the spacebar when typing out an email address and it will place an “at sign” (@) where you need it.

4. Create accented characters

Parlez vous francais? To type an accented character, press and hold the letter that you want to add the accent to. When accented characters appear above the keyboard, tap the accented character that you want to type. Easy, n’est pas?

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