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Connected Rogers

Quick Tips

The Google Play app store on your Android phone has close to a half a million apps on offer. Productivity apps, alternate web browsers, games, calendars – just about anything you could imagine is there and ready to take your smartphone to the next level. Here’s how to take full advantage of everything that’s on offer.

  1. On your home screen or in the app tray, tap Play Store.
  2. You’ll be presented with a list of recommended apps, as well as sections for books, magazines and movies. Tap on Apps.
  3. Tap to browse Staff Picks, Editor’s Choice or swipe left or right to see categories, top paid, top free and so on. OR
  4. Tap the search icon in the top right to search keywords or for a specific app.

TIP: Be sure to download the iPhone apps made just for Rogers customers! The Rogers My Account app, for example, lets you access your Rogers account from your phone, while the Rogers Navigator app transforms your phone into a real-time GPS navigation device. How handy is that?

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