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Connected Rogers


Three devices that give you home automation and total control from Rogers Smart Home Monitoring.
Automate lighting

Light It Up

This device lets you automate the lighting in your home according to schedules or customized rules (see above). Create a rule that turns a light on when a door is opened, so that you always come home to a well-lit front hall; or put them on a schedule to give the impression that someone is home while you are out of town.



automate small appliances, Rogers Smart Home Monitoring

Small Appliance Control

With this unit you can apply rules or schedules to small appliances in the same way you can apply them to your automated lights. Schedule a fan to turn on and off, or control your home- entertainment system remotely – the possibilities are virtually limitless.



Rogers Smart Home Monitoring

Smart Thermostat

Automate heating and air conditioning for maximum comfort and energy efficiency. Set up a daily or weekly schedule and create rules based on actions, such as reducing the temperature when the system is armed. You can also adjust the thermostat remotely via the Web Control Centre or your smartphone.

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