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Rogers On Demand offers access to a huge array of TV shows. Just go to Rogers On Demand (Channel 100) and click on Past Full Season TV to rent entire seasons of hard-to-find shows such as Twin Peaks or Arrested Development, and previous seasons of current hits, including Dexter and Californication.

Want more? The Movie Network On Demand and Movie Network Encore On Demand have archives of great, current-run TV series that you can access with your Rogers Digital TV remote (if your subscription includes these on-demand services).

1. Using your Rogers remote, go to channel 309 (The Movie Network On Demand).

2. Using the arrow controls on your remote, select from the available options, including Series, HD series and HBO Canada.

3. For TV series, select Series or HD Series.

4. Navigate through the options (listed alphabetically) and hit OK / Select on your remote when you find the series you’re looking for.

5. Select the season you’d like to watch and hit OK / Select.

6. Scroll through the available episodes and hit OK / Select to choose one to play.

Tip: While watching On Demand programming, use the play / pause / FFWD / REW buttons to control the program, just like you would on a DVD player.

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