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If you’re a Rogers One Number customer, then you already know how cool this innovate service is. Send texts from your computer or tablet, make video calls to other Rogers One Number users, seamlessly switch calls from your smartphone to your computer… those are just a handful of the cool features you can do with Rogers One Number.

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Controlling how or when callers reach you is another great feature of Rogers One Number.  Using Reach Me Rules, you can manage and control unwanted callers, set times when your cell phone won’t ring, or have people reach you at a completely different number via call forwarding.

Like traditional call forwarding, this feature allows you to set the number your calls are forwarded to.  Here’s how to use it:

1. From the Rogers One Number site on your computer or tablet, click My Settings and then Reach Me Rules.
2. Click Forward My Calls.
3. Set a number to forward calls to, as well as a duration for the rules, such as two hours or all day today.
4. Click Activate.

Call Forwarding is just the beginning! To get a full list of the Reach Me Rules, click here.

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4 thoughts on “How-To: Call-Forward with Rogers One Number

Stewart Bowman, on said:

Is it possible to forward voice mail message off my landline & cell phone (both Rogers) to Txt or SMS or even email?


Dave Willis, on said:

I wish somebody could tell me when we will be able to use our Rogers phones (I have a 4S) outside of Canada without paying an arm and a leg for that service. The equivalent service in the U S (and other countries abroad) is a fraction of what Canadian cell companies charge.


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