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When Incognito Mode is enabled in a browser window, any site you view in that window won’t be stored in the browser or search history, or leave cookies behind after the window is closed.

Here’s how to turn it on in three quick steps:

  1. Open the web browser.
  2. Click on the menu in the top right corner and select Settings.
  3. From the menu, choose New Incognito Tab.

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2 thoughts on “How-To: Browse Incognito on Samsung Tab

Gippys, on said:

I can really imgnaie a tablet becoming the main source of media/entertainment for the average user/buyer. The tablet can become the computer itself, and you can connect it to a monitor and wireless keyboard to type an essay or create a project. Also would be cool if you can connect it to your tv (you can already do that:) would be a few years though until a tablet can have the power or atleast carry as much digital storage as the average pc and mac-for iPad.


dann, on said:

how come the larger tablet does not have a cell phone provider nor a USB in


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