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Auto-reply to text messages, block senders, create distribution lists and much more with Extreme Text Messaging. This service is included as a standard part of text messaging to all Rogers wireless customers at no additional cost. Here’s how.

How To Access the Extreme Text Messaging Setup Page

1. Using your iPhone/Android devices:

• Go to to access the setup page.

2. Using other smartphones and mobile phones:

• Text XTREME to 4716 to be sent a link to the setup page or open your mobile browser to access the Rogers Mobile Internet Portal. Select My Account, then Extreme Text Messaging.

How To Set Up Auto-Reply

Automatically send a reply to anyone that sends you a text message.

1. From the Extreme Text Messaging setup page, select Auto-Reply.

2. Enter the auto-reply message you wish to be sent to anyone that sends you a text message.

Cost: Each auto-reply message sent will be taken out of your plan/add-on or a standard text message rate will apply.

How To: Use Blocker

Prevent a number from being able to text message your phone.

1. From the Extreme Text Messaging setup page, select Text Blocker.

2. Select Block A Number

3. Enter the 10-digit wireless number you would like to have blocked.

4. Click Block Number.

Cost: No charge.

How To: Setup Group Messaging / Distribution Lists

Send the same text to a group of contacts.

1. From the Extreme Text Messaging setup page, select Distribution List.

2. Create a name for the group.

3. Enter the phone numbers of everyone you’d like to add to that list. (You can add or remove contacts at any time and create up to 5 different lists, with each list having up to 20 contacts.)

4. Click Save, and you will be given a short-code number that you can use to message to the distribution list. Then, the next time you want to text that group, just enter the short code in the “To” field of the text message.

Did you know? That you can add a new contact to your phone to represent your distribution list and enter the distribution list short code as the phone number to easily send messages to your list in the future. Each message to each recipient will be taken out of your text plan/add-on, or you’ll be charged a standard text message rate for each recipient of the message. For example, a text sent to three contacts will be charged as three text messages or the messages will be taken from your text plan or add-on. A recipient will only be able to reply to the sender.

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