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The major players in the tablet space offer both Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi + mobile internet variants of their tablets. Dropping a SIM card into your tablet and linking it with your current mobile internet plan means never being at the mercy of coffee shop or airport Wi-Fi.

Use Wi-Fi at home or in the office but on the road, access the always-on Rogers wireless network quickly and reliably.

Here’s what you’ll need:

A Mobile Internet Enabled Tablet

Every tablet can do Wi-Fi but not all tablets are ready to get on the mobile network. Specific models of tablets such as the iPad with Wi-Fi + Cellular , the Samsung Galaxy Tab Wi+Fi + LTE or the 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook are where you need to look. If it has a SIM card slot, it’s ready to access mobile internet. You’ll just need…

A Rogers SIM Card

Ensure it matches the SIM slot of your tablet: Get an LTE micro-SIM for the LTE variant of the iPad or the PlayBook, for example. If you have your SIM card, that means you’re ready for…

A Mobile Internet Plan

You can share the mobile internet plan you use on your smartphone with your tablet using a suitably titled Share Ready Access Plan. This way, you’ll always have access, no matter which device you’re using as long as you’re in the Rogers coverage area. If you prefer, you can opt for an internet plan just for your tablet, no sharing required.

Why You Want It:

Whether you’re looking to file an important report and stay in touch with the office while travelling or if you work or play in social media and the very thought of being disconnected gives you pangs of anxiety, a mobile internet plan on your tablet is what you need. And with monthly plans that start at just the price of a latte, it’s convenience and secure access rolled into one – saving you the time and stress of having to search for Wi-Fi connectivity.

Wi-Fi is great when it’s available… but that’s the rub: It’s not always available. When Wi-Fi is nowhere to be found, it’s invaluable to have your own internet connection on your tablet.

With a mobile internet plan on your tablet, you can connect just about anywhere. If you have an LTE-capable tablet and a Rogers LTE SIM card and you’re within Rogers LTE coverage area, you’ll be connecting with speeds that rival the wired internet connection in your home or office too.

Visit for coverage info.

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