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Heroes of Order & Chaos

GAMELOFT | Android, iOS

The weirdly compelling subgenre of multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games finally arrives on smartphones and tablets in this spinoff to Gameloft’s Order & Chaos, a popular online RPG for Android and iOS tablets and smartphones.

The idea is simple: Gather a team of fantasy heroes and start marching across a sprawling map filled with branching paths toward an enemy base. You’ll encounter minions, turrets and other obstacles, collecting gold and acquiring various buffs – advantageous status effects – along the way.

Action is presented from a 3D overhead perspective. Just tap where you want to go or touch a button to automatically target nearby enemies and set your characters in attack mode. Die, and it’s back to your base to start all over again.

It’s free to play, but the game’s cast of heroes – 30 in total, all taken from races established in Order & Chaos – rotates occasionally. If you’re willing to cough up a little coin, you can play with your favourite brutes, mages and
clerics whenever you like.

With lush graphics and pick-up-and-play simplicity, Heroes of Order & Chaos ought to satisfy most fantasy fans’ appetite for strategy and action – not to mention some good-old online camaraderie.

Top 3 Heroes tips:

Try to be sneaky, it pays off.
Experiment with different paths to find new treasures and to sneak past roaming villains.

Living isn’t everything. Sometimes you may need to take one for the team, sacrificing yourself with a courageous assault so your pals can continue.

Offline is fun, too. No flesh friends available? Boot up an offline game with computer-controlled bots to practise your skills and master the maps.

My Little Pony

GAMELOFT | Android, iOS

My Little PonyMobile devices can be handy tools for parents in a pinch. Example: set Gameloft’s new My Little Pony app in front of your daughter while waiting at the doctor’s office for her vaccinations and she’ll forget all about the pointy thing behind the big white door as she focuses on building a village filled with cute little horses. Featuring Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and plenty of other characters from the hit TV show, kids get to craft a town before putting their four-legged friends through their paces in a variety of games, from fruit collection challenges to high-flying races. But of course, iPads aren’t babysitters; some supervision is recommended.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour


Modern Combat Zero HourThis latest kick at the gritty military shooter franchise sets the stage with a terrorist attack that results in the capture of several world leaders. U.S. army corporal Joel Blake is the man charged to fix the situation. Enhancements to authenticity come via new rag-doll physics (for lifelike body sprawling), improved vehicle handling and a “dirty” camera lens that appears during action sequences. Multiplayer fans will like the addition of live voice chat, fresh modes, plus dozens of new and tweaked combat skills. With eight original maps, new character specializations and 20,000 weapon customization permutations, it’s safe to say this is the biggest Modern Combat game yet.

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