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iOS, Android | $13/mo.
Babbel’s speech-recognition program rates your pronunciation when you use your smartphone’s microphone to practice. Lessons include translating and writing dialogue to correspond with photos; unscrambling and spelling words; and completing writing exercises in Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese and seven other languages.


iOS, Android | Free
Available from beginner to advanced intermediate, Busuu incorporates images and recordings by native speakers in its interactive lessons, which teach vocabulary, reading and writing in 12 languages. Busuu will even connect you with native speakers who can correct your writing exercises via email. Premium memberships available.

Mango Languages

iOS, Android | Free
Mango offers instruction in a whopping 45 languages, with conversational and grammar goals that will help you find the train station, order a meal and buy clothes, at basic to more advanced levels. Note: this app requires that you have a valid library card and that you set up your Mango account through your library’s website.

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Desneige, on said:

Rogers is the service provider for my Smart phone, but, I don’t have a data plan. Can I download free apps without charge without a data plan??


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