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Backyard, cottage or campground – summer is here, and that means barbecue season. Whether you’re a pit master or picking up your very first pair of tongs, these five apps will ensure perfectly cooked meat and veggies, twirling swizzle sticks and, most importantly, how to do it all without Mother Nature raining on your festivities.

Summer Barbecue Apps - GrillTime App1. GrillTime

iOS | $2
Not sure how long to cook your burgers or how to tell when your steak is medium-rare? This handy grilling timer features tips and temperatures for an array of meat types, thicknesses and desired degree of doneness; a timer to keep track of what’s cooking; and a “flip reminder” that notifies you when it’s time to flip – or eat!

Summer Barbecue Apps - Grill-It App2. Grill-It!

Android, iOS | $1
The minds behind Grilling Companion offer up this virtual recipe box for barbecuing beef, chicken, pork, seafood and more. Browse recipes by category or search by keyword or ingredient, and receive step-by-step instructions for fast, tasty dishes. The app also pushes new recipes to your device – just turn on the app once a week and you’ll automatically get the updates.

Summer Barbecue Apps - Cocktail Flow App3. Cocktail Flow

Android | Free, Windows Phone | $3
Not sure what to mix up to serve alongside your barbecued meal? This app has the answers you seek. Use the Cabinet page to enter the cocktail ingredients you have on hand and it’ll offer up appropriate recipes that match what’s in your bar. You can also browse recipes by event, base spirit, colour or theme.

Summer Barbecue Apps - Panda BBQ App4. Panda BBQ

Android | Free, iOS | $1
This cute, barbecue-centric puzzle game will keep you – or the kids – occupied while you wait for your food to be done. The goal is simple: help the panda manning the grill skewer ingredients for kebabs. The game features four modes of play, more than 160 (88) levels and the ability to challenge other players around the world.

Summer Barbecue Apps - The Weather Network App5. Weather Network App

All platforms | Free
There’s really no excuse for having a barbecue rained-out when The Weather Network’s all-encompassing app is ready and waiting to alert you to all things meteorological and stormy. Get weather warnings, forecasts updated hourly, UV reports, air-quality indexes and more, right on your wireless device.

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