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Spring has sprung, and that means managing new projects. From gardening and yard sales to your kids’ soccer schedules, staying organized means staying sane. Here are three to-do apps worth downloading. Do it now and check it off your list.

Any.DO To-Do List

Free | AN, iOS

Keep track of everything you need to get done – today, tomorrow, this week and this month – with this sophisticated app. If you want your to-do lists to sync with your cloud-based apps and include widgets and features such as voice recognition, this app is for you.

Best for: multi-faceted, widget-loving, cloud-using types


Free | iOS

You’re one of those “creative” types who’s got a zillion projects on the go. Your to-do lists typically take up notebooks and include lots of tangental notes. WorkFlowy lets you keep tabs on all your projects with collapsible sections that you can open and close for easy viewing. When you finally complete a project, your notes are saved for permanent retrieval, so you can revisit them at any time.

Best for: multi-taskers in need of a digital notepad


Free | AN, iOS, WP

You like getting things done. No cloud sync, no special widgets or bells or whistles. Just clean and simple. That’s what this app is all about. Break down a project into an infinite number of subtasks and use basic colour coding to distinguish between projects. That’s it.

Best for: those that believe “organized” equals “simple”

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