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1. V1 Golf

Free, Android | $2.99, iPhone

For the golf nut: Forever slicing and hooking it on the golf course? This app can improve your swing by capturing it and then comparing it against the swings of professionals and actual PGA Tour members. Now, if only you could improve your short game.

2. Bootcamp

$2.99 | iPhone

For the cardio-freak: So-called “boot camp” fitness programs are popping up everywhere. This app simulates the boot-camp experience by providing exercises and routines emphasizing your body core and muscles. No need for a personal trainer with this app, so long as you stick with it. Go! Go! Go!

3. Map My Ride

Free | Android, BlackBerry, iPhone

For the tech-savvy cyclist: Using your phone’s built-in GPS, this app helps you select bike routes and record workout details, such as distance, pace, speed, elevation and calories burned. Save and upload data, and keep peddling!

4. Trimble Outdoors Navigator

| $4.95, Android  | $9.99, BlackBerry | $4.99, iPhone

For the woodsman: Climbing, hiking, camping and paddling – if you’re heading into the woods, you need this app. Includes map and compass navigation, topographical maps, map caching (so you can access it if you’re out of cellular range) and more. You’ll never get lost again.


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