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School may be out, but that doesn’t mean the learning has to stop. Fire up these super-fun tablet apps and your kids won’t even know they’re learning something new.

TVOKids Spelling Fleas

TVOKids Spelling Fleas

iPad, PlayBook | $2
Step right up to the flea circus! The cute little fl ea character and funny cartoon-like sound effects will keep your children amused while they gain the ability and confidence to read, spell and improve their grammar. Ages 6-11

Franklin's Puzzling Pieces

Franklin’s Puzzling Pieces

iPad | $1
Keep your kids entertained while improving their shaperecognition, concentration and motor skills. Fourteen themed puzzles range in complexity, starting out simple and building to more challenging. The app features an intuitive and easy-to-use design and game mechanics. Ages 3-5



iPad (Android version coming soon) | Free
This newly launched reading app helps kids learn and love to read in a fun and interactive way. Comes with fi ve free ebooks. By the fall, the maker of the app, Scholastic, hopes to have a fully stocked library of more than 2,000 books loaded with interactive features. Ages 3-14

Tumbletown Mathletics

Tumbletown Mathletics

iPad, PlayBook | $2
Math + athletics = mathletics, a fun way to practise math while exercising your brain. This app, created by TVOKids, follows the Ontario Math Curriculum, teaching such skills as addition, subtraction and fractions in a playful and entertaining way. Ages 6-11

DoReMi 1 2 3

DoReMi 1-2-3

iPad | $2
Using playful characters, interesting musical sounds and fun rewards, this app offers a twist on classic ear-training techniques, teaching young ears how to differentiate between pitches and how to play real song sequences. The “Record” function allows you to listen to your child’s creations over and over again. Ages 4-10

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