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From love-themed music playlists to anonymous Valentine’s Day postcards, these apps will put an extra bounce in your step during the most romantic day of the year. But what if you’re single? Don’t worry – there’s an app for finding last-minute dates, too.


Free | iOS and Android

Set the mood by playing a curated list of love-themed tunes from Canada’s favorite music streaming app, Songza, which curates music based on your activity and mood. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, there’s a wide range of love-themed playlists available, from Indie Valentine’s Day to romance the hipster in your life, Oldies Love Ballads for the more vintage-inclined, or Candlelit Dinner to create the perfect night in. If you’re feeling more ironic, the Anti-Valentine’s Day Playlist might be the right choice for you.

avacado app


Free | iOS and Android

Are you and your significant other so in love that it feels like no one else exists? Avocado, a social network built for two, will take that feeling to the next level. The app lets couples share messages, photos, grocery lists, and calendars. It also lets them send virtual hugs and kisses. If you’re the type that keeps a nostalgic shoebox of relationship memories under your bed, then this is the right app for you.

Let’s Date

Free | iOS

Spending Valentine’s Day alone? Don’t fret – there’s still time to find a date. Let’s Date helps lovebirds connect. Simply login using your Facebook account, and start browsing through photos of potential love connections. See one that catches your eye? Anonymously indicate that you’re interested; your crush won’t know unless he or she does the same. The app learns about your likes and dislikes and tailors its connections accordingly. And for those worried about privacy, the app will never post to your Facebook wall.

Valentine’s Postcard

Free | iOS

Is there anything better than finding out that you have a secret admirer? This app will let you customize and send an anonymous postcard to the one you have your eye on to make their day. There are over 20 beautifully designed cards to choose from, which can be further customized with photos and greetings. For those who are brave, postcards can also be addressed from you personally.

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