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Congratulations, you have a little one on the way! Now, make sure you’re prepared for the journey ahead. Whether it’s knowing when to expect your baby’s first kick, keeping a record of your body’s incredible changes or choosing a name, these apps will accompany you throughout the growth of your baby — and your belly.


Free | iOS and Android

Baby Bump AppSimply input your due date into this free app and it will begin a pregnancy countdown, provide daily tips and help document your body’s amazing evolution through measurements and snapshots. Learn about changes in your baby’s week-by-week development, such as estimated weight, appearance, and brain changes. Get insight into common cravings and symptoms you might be experiencing at a given stage. The app is touted as the most active pregnancy community around the world; check out the “Canada” forum to chat with fellow Canucks.


Pregnancy Tracker from What To

Free | iOS and Android

What To Expect AppWondering when to expect your baby’s first kick? Just turn to the Pregnancy Tracker, from the creators of What to Expect When You’re Expecting, the guidebook known as “American’s pregnancy bible”, and a mainstay on the New York Times bestseller list since 1984. This free app comes complete with a due-date calculator, week-by-week details on your baby’s growth and development, and updates on your changing body, such as when to expect shinier hair or – less glamorously – morning sickness. The app also lets moms document belly changes by taking snapshots, and provides tips for dads-to-be.


My Pregnancy Today by BabyCenter

Free | iOS and Android

My Pregnancy Today AppMy Pregnancy Today offers a due-date countdown function and customized tips, but what makes it unique is its pregnancy checklists that guide mothers-to-be through some of the tasks they should consider completing in preparation to give birth, such as practicing breathing exercises, packing a pregnancy bag and creating a birth plan. The app has a heavy focus on health and nutrition, offering recipes and tips on pregnancy super foods, and products that should avoided during pregnancy. It also offers a community that helps moms connect with others due around the same time, as well as access to videos.


Baby Names

Free; $1.99 for version with advanced features | iOS

Baby Names AppChoosing a baby name can be daunting, but this app, rated as the #1 baby-naming app in the iTunes App Store, should help ease the strain. With more than 60,000 names available for boys and girls, Baby Names provides insight into the meaning of the name, its pronunciation and its popularity over time. Parents can search by popularity, by origin or by category – such as ancient, preppy or southern names. You can also create lists of your favorite names and share them via email and Twitter.

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One thought on “App Addict: Top Pregnancy Apps

Heidi, on said:

The smiles factory had a very nice pregnancy app. I liked the photo better then the what to expect app because it was more realistic and larger.


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