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Is the time crunch of everyday life preventing you from reaching your health goals? Here are five apps that help you fit healthy habits into your day, so you can take charge and maximize your time.

MyFitnessPal fitnesspal, iOS, apps, android

Free | iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone

If you have ever lost weight and then struggled to maintain it, this easy-to-use app helps you stay on track. MyFitnessPal is a calorie counter, food diary and exercise tracker all in one. Scan UPCs or search the extensive database of more than two million foods, including thousands found in Canadian grocery and fast food stores. Enter your exercise activity for the day and the app shows how many calories you have left to meet your daily target.





All-in YOGA | Pro

$0.99 iOS | $1.60 Android

With your mobile device by your side, you can squeeze in a yoga session for stress relief and relaxation almost anywhere. Choose from dozens of predesigned programs or create your own yoga ‘recipe’ to suit your goals. This app is loaded with over 300 yoga poses and includes photo, video and audio guides as well as a pose duration timer to inspire your practice. It’s available as All-in YOGA for iOS users and as Pro for Android users.






FitnessBuilderfitness builder, app, iOS, android

$9.99 per month or $59.99 per year | iOS and Android

FitnessBuilder helps you workout anywhere, anytime. Tap in to find your ideal workout from a choice of over 750 predesigned programs, like Strength Builder, Complete Core, or Bootcamp, to name just three. Photos, videos, audio and text tips explain how to execute exercises like a pro. Drag and drop to create your own workout from the jam-packed library of over 5,600 exercises on the web and see it on your mobile device where and when you need it. Try it free for a month and decide if you want to upgrade to the full fee.



Sleep Cyclesleepcycle, android, iOS, app

$0.99 iOS  | $2.49 Android

Tired of waking up tired? Getting enough of the right kind of shut-eye is critical for recovery and mental alertness during the day. Find out about the quality of your sleep with Sleep Cycle for iOS or Sleep as Android for android. Both apps use the accelerometer in your phone to track movement while you’re catching some zzz’s and plot your sleep cycles on a graph so you can see if you are getting enough deep REM sleep. Set an alarm for your preferred 30-minute wakeup window and the app will wake you gently in the lightest sleep phase to ensure you start the day refreshed.





Nike+ Runningnike+running app, iOS, android

Free | iOS and Android

There are lots of apps to track your runs, but Nike+ Running puts you in the lead with extra features for maximum motivation. Post the start of your run on Facebook and hear cheers as friends post likes and comments. Need a boost for the home stretch? Set your favourite Powersong to finish strong. The app maps your runs with GPS, and tracks distance, time, pace and calories burned. Runs can be uploaded automatically to where you can review routes and elevations, with green areas showing where you sped up and red indicating where your pace slowed down. Lace up and get cracking!

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