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The game of life can be a gong show. Whether your first world strives are derived from the hockey lockout or the fact that there was only vegetable soup in the cafeteria today, these apps will help you deal.


BubbleFREEBubbleFREE, app, iOS

Free | iOS

There’s something about popping bubble wrap that has a soothing aesthetic.  Maybe it’s the feel of the air squishing between your fingers, or that triumphant “pop” as you break the plastic blister’s will to live. With the BubbleFREE app, you can burst your troubles away with the touch of a finger. A timer challenges you to see how many you can pop. Be careful, it’s addictive.





Shatter BoothShatter Booth, iOS, stress reliever

Free | i0S

Having some friend, co-worker or spouse drama? Why not let out some pent-up aggression by smashing their face? No, not literally. Shatter Booth figuratively grants you the power to smash any photo on your iPod or iPhone. It almost feels as good as throwing things.






Punch Bagpunch bag, stress relievers, Android

Free | Android

Let off steam and channel your inner Rocky with this virtual punching game. Clutch your phone, punch the air and find out your score. Yes, really.







Stress Releaserstress releaser, app, iOS, stress reliever apps

$0.99 | iOS

Violence is never the answer. That’s why there is Stress Releaser, a way to take out your anger virtually. Similar in concept to Shatter Booth, this offers more options to redirect your rage. Choose to destroy images with a gun, rocket launcher, paint spray or a laser. When you’re done with your annihilation, don’t forget to sit back, breath in and breath out, Om Shanti Om.

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