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Sportsnet Magazine App for iPad

Sportsnet Magazine

iPad | Free (in-app purchase available)
Ask the average sports nut in this country and they’ll tell you: the go-to source for sports-related info has got to be Sportsnet Magazine. Even if you aren’t carrying around the latest issue, you can now access all the best news and info on your iPad. With a ton of analysis from the pros, enough coverage to keep even the most ardent fans sated, and a generous heaping of videos and pictures to cover all the sporting you can handle (that’s everything from the NHL, NBA and MLBA right on through to tennis, cricket and even horse racing). With an easy to use interface, flipping from story to video to story is a breeze, and because it’s integrated with all the social networking channels, sharing your favourite articles is a way to stay connected with like-minded fans.

Sportcaster App for Android


Android | Free
Speaking of staying connected when it comes to the latest games, Sportscaster is about as close to staying up-to-the-minute as you’re going to get. Like a real-time news aggregator with a few surprises up its sleeve, the app allows you to search for any game of interest to you (including major sports as well as soccer leagues and F1 racing) that’s currently being played. From there, you get real-time updates including the score, key plays and time remaining. This is where things get interesting though – in addition to all the mandatory info, you can expect to read a constant stream of comments from a pool of bloggers, sports writers and analysts. Additionally, you can peruse team standings, check out future schedules and even partake in a fantasy league. If you want a seriously immersive sports experience while knowing what the pro commentators are thinking as they think it, Sportscaster is bound to keep you more than informed.

At Bat 12 App for Windows Phone

At Bat 12

Windows Phone | $14.49
Now that baseball season’s in full swing, there’s more than enough ballpark action for Windows Phone users to stay on top of. Thankfully, the At Bat 12 app for WP7 is a satisfyingly comprehensive way to track each and every home run as it happens. All season long, the app allows you to follow your teams (thanks in part to a customizable homescreen). Every time there’s a game, you’re provided with live updates, including audio broadcasts. On top of that, use the pitch-by-pitch tracker to follow every strike, track your team’s standings and stats, check out videos highlighting the big plays, and plan your future viewing with a league schedule. If summer = nonstop baseball, this app should definitely fit into that equation.

UFC Magazine App for iPad

UFC Magazine

iPad | Free (in-app purchase available)
It seems that every year, the popularity of UFC grows and grows. Millions are clamouring to see what kind of wham-bam action happens in the octagon, and with events happening all the time and an ever-expanding stable of fighters, keeping abreast of the world of ultimate fighting is a serious challenge within itself. Committed fans know that UFC Magazine is an officially licensed source for news, views, profiles and more, and now all that content is available for iPad users. Every downloadable issue comes with articles featuring the best and most interesting of these warrior athletes, not to mention plenty of fitness and training techniques for up-and-comers. Supplemental lifestyle material only sweetens the deal, and anything you want to share can be done so easily through the usual social networking channels.

Score Mobile App for Blackberry, iOS and Android

Score Mobile

BlackBerry, iOS, Android | Free
Whether you’re participating in a fantasy league and you need a system to keep track of stats, or you just have an insatiable need for sports updates (we can’t watch every game at once!) of all shapes and sizes, the Score Mobile app for BlackBerry is a serious dose of info for hardcore fans. Covering all the big leagues, including MMA, auto racing, tennis, lacrosse and more, the app is designed to provide real-time scores, individual player statistics, overall league stats, schedules and previews, while also supplying info on betting stats (if you’re the betting type). Push alerts from the app are available for scoring, highlights and ends of play, while supplementary content sourced from blogs and video channels offers a generous supply of action.

SkyDroid Golf GPS for Android and iOS

SkyDroid Golf GPS

Android, iOS | $1.99
For golf fans who feel like taking a break from watching the masters make impossibly difficult shots look as easy as pie, and getting out for a round or two on the green, the SkyDroid app is an ideal assistant to have on hand. Essentially, the app acts as a GPS range locator for the golf course you’re playing on (new courses are constantly being added, and you can do so yourself). The goal is to use it to track the distance of your shot on the green, as well as to keep yourself aware of the sand traps and other hazards you’ll encounter. With over 22,000 courses currently available, distances are easily calculated to a point of your choice on the map, while the app’s reliable accuracy will almost certainly impress you. As a free and useful app, SkyDroid is a good bet if you’re interested in improving your score.

NHL GameCentre App for Android

NHL GameCentre

Android | Free
Sure, sure – the NHL season may be winding down with Lord Stanley’s Cup now in sight, but this is Canada and not mentioning hockey would be, well, a bit sacrilegious. So even if it’s to follow this year’s championship (check out the app’s “Stanley Cup Countdown” videos and related highlights), or to get prepped for the 2012/13 season, this official app of the NHL is pretty much everything you need. Aside from playoff perks, the app boasts info on regular game scores, a comprehensive schedule, team stats, related news, player profiles and plenty more. As a bonus, you can personalize the app’s “GameCentre” section to receive updates from your favourite team, as well as purchase merchandise and view game photos. Hockey isn’t something we take lightly up in the Great White North, and an app like this is a great way to know what’s happening on the ice at any time.

Wimbledon App from iTunes


iOS | Free
Summer is sneaking up pretty quickly, which means that the granddaddy of tennis tourneys is just around the corner. As the official app of the English sporting institution, Wimbledon offers updates live as they happen, as well as all results. An in-depth schedule for matches will help you plan your viewing, while a daily update of photo and video highlights helps you catch up on all the action you might miss (or just want to watch over and over again). For social media fans, the app also aggregates tweets from players, and a visitor’s guide should come in handy for anyone visiting the U.K. to take in the games first-hand. If only there was a way for the app to send us all strawberries and cream too…

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