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With all the new technology and games these days, it’s nice to sit back and reflect on a little history. Gaming history that is. Here are our favourite old school apps.


Sonic the Hedgehogsonic, old school apps, sega, tablet, iPad, iOS

$2.99 | iOS

Sega Genesis enthusiasts likely found a hero in this blue-haired protagonist. He was fast, had a cool girlfriend, could knock twinkling boxes out of palm trees with his head and fought Dr. Robotnik – a guy with a penchant for technologically advanced machinery and the ability to grow a magnificent moustache. This app is identical to the original – pixelated 2D images and all!


Mario Duck HuntMario Duck Hunt, Old school apps, iPad 3, iOS

$0.99 | iOS

Much to your nostalgic chagrin, the classic Nintendo Duck Hunt gun can only work on the ancient boob tube. The Mario Duck Hunt app eases this loss by allowing players to once again experience the thrill of shooting ducks, and the humiliation of having a hound dog laugh when you miss.



Tetris, old school apps, tablet, iOS

$0.99 | iOS and Android

Before the popularity of Suduko, it was this addictive quick-thinking game that a generation fell in love with. Use your finger to slide bricks into place on different levels while listening to that old school electronic theme song.








pac man, old school apps, tablet, iOS, games Free | iOS

Who could have predicted that a pie-mouthed circle that eats dots while avoiding ghosts could become such a quintessential game? Use the on-screen joy stick to navigate around and think of all the quarters you’ll save by playing this arcade classic – Especially because it’s free!







Atari’s Greatest HitsAtari, old school apps, iPad, iOS,Android  

Free | iOS and Android

Atari was a gamers dream come true – a console you fed disks to in order to have hours of  fun. This free app features Atari’s greatest games and starts you off with the classic, Missile Command. Packages such as Centipede and Astroids can be purchased for $0.99 or all 99 games can be bought for $9.99.


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