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Family Day is upon us! The holiday devoted to celebrating the importance of family lands this year on February 11th in British Columbia and February 18th in Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Still looking for fun plans? Luckily, there are plenty of apps that will help you – and your family – enjoy the day.

ROM Ultimate Dinosaurs

Free | iOS

Dinosaurs may be extinct, but the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto is bringing them back to life with this new app, which uses augmented reality to show visitors how the dinosaurs would have looked and moved in historical times based on archaeological findings. Visitors of the museum can point their smartphone camera lens at markers throughout the museum to see dinosaurs jump to life before their eyes, or use iPads mounted beside dinosaur skeletons to see renderings of flesh and bone on top of them.

Cineplex Mobile

Free | iOS, Android and Blackberry

Break out the popcorn! A movie is a great way to celebrate Family Day for those who want a break from the cold, Canadian winter. Simply download the app, and it will detect your location and show you movies playing at theatres close by, including show times, synopses and trailers. When you’re ready, make your life easier by purchasing – and redeeming – tickets directly through the app. And when you get to the cinema, make sure to download Cineplex’s TimePlay app to play games on the big screen with your smartphone! Cineplex’s app works with theatres across Canada.

iParks Navigator – Parks of Metro Vancouver

Free | iOS

Canada is home to some of the world’s most incredible wildlife and nature, and what better way to explore than a half day of family hiking. This app helps users find parks in Metro Vancouver and the City of Richmond, and provides information on amenities offered there – such as whether there are forested hiking trails, fishing, canoeing or cycling trails. It also provides a history of the park, and a rundown of upcoming events. If there’s a particular activity you have in mind – such as fishing – the parks can also be filtered this way, too.

Oiseau: Agents of Nature (Calgary)

Free | iOS, Android

If you’re located in Calgary, then you may want to sign up for a top-secret mission as an agent of nature. This app, which works at the Calgary Zoo or Fish Creek Provincial Park, turns users into agents who are on missions to solve nature mysteries. It displays a map of QR codes that users must find along nature trails. Scan the QR code to reveal a clue about a plant or animal that must be decoded. Once decoded, take a photo of the plant or animal to collect points, and then move onto the next clue. The app was created as a fun way to help get kids more involved in nature.

Montreal Museums

Free | iOS

This app will help you choose one of 38 Montreal museums that you and your family will most enjoy. Find museums based on proximity, and also explore permanent and temporary exhibits currently on display at those museums through photos and descriptions of select items on display. The app also includes walking routes for those who want to museum hop between venues. All museum listings include the venue’s phone number, map, opening hours and admission fees.

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