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Free | iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry

Save money with GasBuddy, which will help you find the cheapest gas stations nearby. Gas stations can be viewed by distance and price, and the app includes information on amenities, such as whether the station has diesel, or whether it is open 24 hours. If you find a great deal on gas, make sure to report it through the app so that other users can benefit; those who contribute can earn points, in addition to the opportunity of winning a weekly $250 gas prize.


Free | iPhone, Android

Turn photos taken from your iPhone or Android smartphone into glossy postcards that are delivered by snail mail. Postcards can be customized with a special message, and the app will deliver a printed postcard to your family member or friend in Canada, the United States or Europe for less than two dollars. The postcards are personalized with the profile photo of the sender to add an extra personal touch.


Free | iPhone and Android

Do you feel like you’re always picking up the tab during group travel, whether for gas or at the bar? SpotMe helps group travelers keep track of money lent and owed so that it doesn’t slip off the radar when the trip comes to its completion. The app includes a calculator for splitting bills, which will add the portion owed by each friend to their tally.

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

$0.99 (iPhone) and Free (Android)

Traveling with kids? Keep everyone in the car entertained with the Road Trip Scavenger Hunt app. Keep an eye open for common objects seen on road trips that the app suggests, such as a car pulling a trailer, or a wind mill, and when spotted, earn points by being the first person in the car to point it out. The score of each player can be tracked within the app’s simple interface. Note: the Android app linked to above is made by a different developer, but has the same premise.

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