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Monster Life

Free | Gameloft | iOS, AN

The islands of Numa and their inhabitants have come under attack by an ancient evil known as Chaos. In hopes of protecting these pristine atolls, players take on the role of a monster keeper who breeds, raises, and conditions a variety of adorable papercraft creatures. But don’t let their cuteness fool you: They prove fierce combatants once they step into the ring, fighting battles in dozens of arenas across a quartet of islands. As your cuddly warriors mature, so does your kingdom, which you can customize with decorations. Equal parts pet-trainer, village sim, and creature fighter, Monster Life is an accessible adventure suitable for a wide audience.


Kingdoms & Lords

Free | Gameloft | iOS, AN 

You’ll begin playing this medieval fantasy simulation in traditional style, carefully constructing a village and managing the development of buildings and barracks, crops and animals. But the action takes a twist early on as you’re thrust into turn-based battles in which you must carefully select troops and attacks, adding some drama and strategy to the experience. As the game progresses you’ll visit towns controlled by other players and have the opportunity to send them gifts and even engage them on the battlefield. It’s a perpetual, habit-forming cycle of building, upgrading, and fighting. Just make sure you take time to prepare your kingdom for the dark forces slowly stirring in the background.


Cosmic Colony

Free | GAMELOFT | Android, iOS

You’ll discover mysterious artifacts as you expand your high-tech community and explore the planet, carrying out missions and supervising the exploitation of resources. You’ll need to prepare for and recover from unexpected disasters, such as meteorite strikes, and defend the colony from raiding pirates. Social features allow you to interact with friends at each others’ colonies.




Fashion Iconfashion icon
GAMELOFT | Android, iOS

Live a dream life overflowing with hot clothes, hunky boyfriends and histrionic social antics in this fast and fun social SIM set in swanky Parisian locales. The game zips between chic boutiques where players can comb racks for cute frocks, a relationship manager that lets you interact with your beau, and dramatic parties where you’ll meet characters inspired by real celebrities and get into verbal clashes with other fashionistas. You’ll also put the clothes you collect to good use in runway battles.

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