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The launch of iOS 6 has ushered in a plethora of new features and apps, available for iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5 and iPad users. Here are five that you should know about:


Improved Camera App Camera Icon app store iOS 6

The camera on the iPhone has long been regarded as the best in the industry. And with iOS 6, the camera app has gotten a whole lot better. Among other features, with iOS 6, you can take panoramic shots – and man do they look good



Super Siri siri icon app store iOS 6 apple

Though she’s been on the platform since her introduction with iOS 5 on the iPhone 4S, Siri now has full support for Canadian users, with fully functioning Google search integration, sports scores, restaurant suggestions, horoscope delivery, and more. In short, it’s now totally worth using.



AppStore Overhaul App Store Icon iOS 6 apple

With iOS 6, Apple has given the AppStore the long-awaited overhaul it so desperately needed. The layout when searching for an app was redesigned from the ground up. Now, apps are displayed as swipeable cards. Within the card, users are presented with a screenshot of the app, a rating system and a one-touch install button.



Map MadnessMaps Icon itunes app store

It was a pretty big deal when news broke that Apple would do away with long-time mapping provider Google, choosing to license out TomTom’s technology for their own turn-by-turn directional offerings instead. See major metropolitan areas with interactive 3D flyover view, stay on track with turn-by-turn navigation and more



Passbook passbook app iOS 6 app store

The Passbook app aims to be the solution for keeping your tickets, passes and membership cards organized. It allows merchants (everyone from Starbucks to airlines) to develop passes to be stored in your Passbook app. Imagine it: you’ll be one scan away from that movie, tall Americano, flight, or redeeming a grocer’s coupon. It’s like an app version of Siri, only you don’t need to talk to it.

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