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When we say games for pets, we don’t mean trying to find out your age in tiger years, or thumb-tapping to make a soft kitty drop kick ninjas through a challenging maze. That would be awesome, but, these are actually apps for your pets to use. Strange? Marginally. A tennis ball and a faux mouse on a string just aren’t cutting it these days. Our fur buddies are going digital.

Games for Catsgamesforcats

Free | iOS

If you’ve ever owned a cat, you probably know their fascination with video games. They’ll sit by the screen frantically following movements, and swatting. Games for Cats is an app geared for the video-game-enthused-cat in your life. Choose from three different games – a laser pointer, a mouse that scurries across the screen or a butterfly to chase. The coolest part? Cats earn points for their swatting techniques.




$1.99 | iOS

Just in case you feel like you aren’t getting enough use out of your shiny Apple gadget, you can now lend it to your dog. iSqueek is a virtual squeak toy that moves and squeaks in a true-to-life manner. Your dog can use their paw or nose to tap a variety of different squeak toys, all with their own unique squeaky sounds. Hey, it’s cheaper than buying an actual toy.






Dog Whistler dogwhistler

Free | iOS

This pet-friendly app is a little more dog and owner interactive. Dogs ears are better than their eyes, the high-pitched whistle can help them learn tricks faster than just by watching you teach them. Switch it up by changing the frequency and pattern of the whistle.








You vs Cat you vs cat

Free | iOS and Android

Cat food heavyweights, Friskies, has capitalized on the pet-friendly app movement by creating a slew of games for cats, from Cat Fishing, which stimulates what it would really be like if curious Kitty stuck a paw in the fish tank to Jitterbug, which helps cats hone their bug catching skills. But You vs Cat is a way to play against your cat in a soccer game of dual species with the opportunity of you and your cat to rack up points.

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