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Temple Run

Free | iOS and Android

Imagine running through a temple from a pack of demonic monkeys, choosing your own path as you jump, duck, and dodge obstacles. As you sprint, instead of finding safety you find that his speed is increasing, and the obstacles are becoming more difficult to navigate and this goes on and on and on! Yes it goes on and on and on.






Temple Run: Brave

$0.99 | iOS and Android

Pixar got on board with Imangi to create a sequel to keep Temple Run fans on their toes after endless hours of imaginary running. Temple Run: Brave – themed for the movie of the same name – has got the best of it’s predecessor with a Pixar-ish twist. Set in the Scottish Highlands you’re in the body of heroine Merida who is on the run from a giant unfriendly bear.






Tomb Escape 
$0.99 | Blackberry

Tomb Escape places you in a gigantic maze-like tomb filled with rocks and boulders running from a crazed gorilla that wants to eat you. The gameplay improves as you collect coins you earn certain power-ups that eventually you will need to use in order to maximize your points and distance.



The End App 

Free | iOS

The End App is a very ambitious take on the endless running theme. It is a lot more complex than the others, as the street is wider and the twists and turns are more intricate. The End of the world has arrived, and you are running away from lava and nuclear wreckage as you collect green duct-tape, which has apparently become the currency with which to buy items for your survival camp. Jump over overturned police cars and street-side lava pools until you can’t handle the speed any longer. The End App is heavily based around specific challenges that you can overcome one-by-one, but if you prefer less structured gameplay just keep running forever in “Freerun” mode.






Subway Surfers 

Free | iOS

Hop on and off the tops of streetcars while you run to collect coins and avoid the angry security guard and his dog. Subway Surfers is based heavily on swiping rather than tilting as you move from side to side while travelling forward. The rich cartoons and goofy animations will keep you smiling as you run through the marvelous playground This makes Subway Surfers very engaging for kids of all ages. Keep running or the security guard will catch up to you, and I don’t think he’s very happy about all of the spray painting you did on his walls!







Agent Dash 

Free | iOS and Android

Agent Dash takes the graphics and gameplay to the next level with many different lush settings and intricate obstacles to interact with. Use your finger to swipe around the screen as you jump over laser fences, falling trees, skidding trucks and flaming lava and guide tuxedoed Agent Dash through unique ‘secret-agent’ settings to destroy his enemies. Earn various power-ups to help you on your way such as jetpacks and parachutes and even slow down time to help you survive as long as you can.






Cordy Sky 

Free | iOS and Android 

Cordy has crash landed on a mysterious planet inhabited by robots and must take to the sky in order to find his way home. Cordy jumps perpetually upwards, collecting valuable goodies while bouncing off bumpers and double-jumping his way into an infinite sky. It’s a little tricky at first but the game gets considerably more enjoyable once you earn some of the super-cool powerups that help your jumping abilities and coins that save you when you fall. You have the option to use your finger to control Cordy or you can opt to tilt your phone or click arrows to guide his movements so try them all to see which method works best for you.

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