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1. Blitz Brigade

Gameloft | Android, iOS

Cartoonish Axis and Allies avatars spanning five classes do battle in teams of six in this online first-person shooter. Players get to choose between classic Domination and Deathmatch maps, where they’ll find jeeps, tanks, helicopters and more than 100 weapons. Not always online? More than 100 solo missions provide plenty of alone-time fun, letting you polish up your fraglobbing, whirlybird-piloting skills for when you enter the multiplayer arena.

2. The Drowning

Scattered | Android, iOS

If you like to shoot zombies but hate dealing with the maddeningly imprecise virtual sticks, you’re not alone. The team behind this moody, post apocalyptic adventure aims to reinvent first-person shooting on touchscreens by making it completely intuitive. Just tap to walk and touch targets to take aim and fire. A console, shooter-style, weapon-crafting sys- tem is the sugar on top.

3. Star Wars Pinball

Zen Studios | Android, iOS

J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars movies may seem light years away, but at least you can make time flow a little faster with this Force-fuelled pinball game. Made by the talented folks behind Zen Pinball, Star Wars Pinball offers up three table-shaped tributes to that galaxy far, far away, including one wholly dedicated to beloved bounty hunter Boba Fett.

4. Badland

Frogmind | iOS

The darkly beautiful Badland delivers physics- based side-scrolling action set across 40 gorgeous levels loaded with deadly traps and clever puzzles. After you finish the solo game, you can extend the experience with friends. Multiplayer mode that makes novel use of iOS’ multi-touch functionality lets you and up to three pals control your own characters on the same screen at the same time.

5. Order & Chaos Duels

Gameloft | Android, iOS

Gameloft’s popular Order & Chaos universe expands a little farther with this free collectible trading-card game, which puts players in the roles of duellers questing to defeat an ancient demonic spirit. Build up a card deck composed of minions, spells, enchantments and equipment on your way to overpowering foes with a mix of strategy and luck. Online leaderboards let you know how your deck stacks up.

6. Year Walk

Simogo | iOS

This atmospheric horror adventure game will be a treat for anyone who enjoys creepy folklore and devilishly difficult puzzles. Players take on the role of a man on a “year” walk – a vision quest to see the future – in a wintry Swedish wood. No spoilers here! Swipe between sinister scenes and cogitate your way through crafty conundrums to discover what happens next.

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