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iStudiez Pro

$0.99 | iOS

Keep track of your courses, classrooms, assignments, grades and more with this handy app. View your schedule by the day, week or month, and personalize it with colour coding and icons. Set reminders for tests, assignments, tutorials and whatever else you need reminding of, and iStudiez Pro will sync with iCal and your iPhone, iPad and laptop.







$5 | iOS and AN

Never again miss a word spoken in class. AudioNote syncs note-taking with audio recordings. Just tap your typed, handwritten or sketched notes to hear what your professor or speaker said. You can also import audio files and add notes to them. The app is also handy for study sessions and meetings for group projects.








iOS, AN, WP and BB | free

This versatile app is like a second brain. Store, organize and share photos, scans, audio messages, notes from classes and meetings, tweets, web pages (including text, images and links), lists, receipts, travel plans and maps. Evernote is fully searchable, and it syncs with your computer and mobile devices.








$9.99 | iOS

Get more out of your bright ideas with this brainstorming app. It’s easy to develop mind maps using MindNode’s clean, clear interface; the canvas expands as you work, and you can edit and re-arrange nodes as you like (no more re-drawing on paper). Maps are searchable, and you can export, share and print them.

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