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Have a hankering for a last-minute workout? Whether you’re looking to find an upcoming yoga class nearby, or you want to run through an impromptu workout on your own, let these apps be your personal trainers.


Free | iOS

Just open the app to see a rundown on a wide variety of upcoming yoga classes happening nearby – everything from Hatha and Vinyasa to Ashtanga. There are nearly 7,000 studios in 63 different countries listed in the app. You can also follow your favorite instructors to keep track of the different classes they teach around your city. Once you find a class you like, get directions through the app, add the class to your iPhone’s calendar, or invite friends to join in.


Nike Training Club

Free | iOS and Android

Ever wanted to work out with tennis star Serena Williams, surfer Lakey Peterson and gymnast Gabby Douglas, among other professional athletes? Now you can. With this app, the pros provide video demonstrations of different exercises, and narrate 15-minute drills that are reminiscent of the workouts they need to prepare for their respective sports. Additionally, there are over 100 custom-built workouts available in the app, each between 30 to 45 minutes long and categorized based on goals such as getting lean, toned, strong or focused. Upon completing a workout, you can also unlock bonus workouts – such as one from Rihanna’s personal trainer, Ary Nuñez.


Gorilla Workout

Free | iOS and Android

If you goal is to get a ripped body, or improve your agility and cardio, Gorilla Workout could help you get there. The app contains 19 workouts consisting of day-by-day regimens, which include videos and instructions that outline proper form and details on the specific muscle groups being targeted – whether it’s arms, abs, chest, back or legs. Workouts progress from simple wall pushups, air squats and lunges, towards more intense exercises such as burpees, pistols and one-arm pushups. A premium version of the app costs $0.99 and has over 40 workouts.



$2.99 | iOS and Android

Sometimes it’s difficult to make it to a yoga class but, with PocketYoga, there’s no excuse not to get a session in. Set your smartphone up near your yoga mat, and PocketYoga will guide you through poses and breathing techniques with audio narration and illustrations that demonstrate correct posture and positioning. A dictionary provides further information on yoga poses and their health benefits. The app has 27 different sessions available, with several choices for level of difficulty, type of practice and duration.



Free | Configured for Any Mobile Device

Instead of lugging your equipment to the gym, why not let the gym come to you? Wello connects people with personal trainers using video-based workouts. They have one-on-one classes and group-workout sessions for a range of activities, including yoga, taekwondo and high-intensity interval training. All you need is an internet connection and your smartphone to bring the workout straight into the convenience of your living room. Classes start at around $10 for a group workout.

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