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6 New Android and iOS Games You Don’t Want to Miss - Six Guns1. Six-Guns

Free | iOS, Android

Rockstar’s massive Red Dead Redemption probably won’t ever make it to mobile devices, but fans of open-world westerns can turn to Six Guns to get their grand-theft-horse fix. Galloping from Arizona to Oregon, players face everything from outlaws to the undead over the course of some 40 missions, constantly adding to a growing collection of guns and gear along the way.

6 New Android and iOS Games You Don’t Want to Miss - Fish Out of Water2. Fish Out of Water

$1 | iOS

The team behind Jetpack Joyride and Fruit Ninja is back with another experiment in super-speedy mobile gaming. Fish Out of Water has players flinging fish across the surface of the ocean with an aim to impress judges, who evaluate distance and skipping style. Each fish requires its own flinging strategy, and weather conditions change at the top of each hour. Live leagues ensure social challenges abound.

6 New Android and iOS Games You Don’t Want to Miss - Mr. Crab3. Mr. Crab

$2 | iOS

This colourful platformer eschews the classic run-to-the-right formula and instead puts players in control of a googly-eyed crab moving forever upward in clever, spiral-shaped levels. No need to control movement; all you do is choose whether and when to jump over enemies and obstacles as your crustacean bounces off barriers and collects little crablings on his steady ascent toward the sky.


6 New Android and iOS Games You Don’t Want to Miss - X-Com: Enemy Unknown4. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

$50 | iOS

Winner of multiple console and PC game-of-the-year awards last fall, Firaxis’ strategy game will arrive on iOS this summer in all its turn-based glory. Guide elite commandos trained to take on a deadly alien menace, then harvest the invaders’ bodies and tech to create new weapons and armour. Back at HQ you’ll be able to upgrade your base and build aircraft to intercept the extraterrestrials before they land.

6 New Android and iOS Games You Don’t Want to Miss - UNO & Friends5. UNO & Friends

Free | iOS, Android

UNO’s been around for decades because it’s easy and addictive. Gameloft has wisely grafted these qualities onto the mobile version of Mattel’s classic card game. Challenging others and starting new games via Facebook Connect is a snap, and checking how your performance stacks up on global leader boards takes just a couple of taps. Plus, multiple avatars and card-deck designs help players make the game their own.


6 New Android and iOS Games You Don’t Want to Miss - Jacob Jones6. Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery

$1 | iOS

Beautiful, strange, and just a bit subversive, Lucid Games’ latest is a puzzle-filled episodic adventure about a kid who suspects all is not right at Camp Eagle Feather. Players need to solve a broad range of original, context-drive conundrums that will test your logic to lateral reasoning skills. Rendered via Unreal Engine 3, the game’s highly stylized, semi-papercraft world offers its own aesthetic rewards.

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