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InterpathInterpath, expensive apps, iOS

$179 | iOS

Meet the pathologist’s creepy little secret weapon. By remotely viewing and navigating high-quality images over cell or Wi-Fi networks, disease detectives can now diagnose lab results and do rapid specialist referrals right on the spot.








Mobile Cam Viewermobile cam viewer, iOS, Expensive apps

$349 | iOS

Play big brother by monitoring and controlling your IP/web cam, NVR/DVR or Video Server surveillance system from anywhere. Of course, seeing as this is an app for the security conscious, access to the systems is highly encrypted.






AuriaAuria, iOS, Expensive apps

$50 | iOS

Mic check, 1-2-3! Perhaps the cheapest app on this list, but one of the most expensive music/pro audio apps out there, Auria brings a studio-quality DAW (digital audio workstation) to the iPad, with 48 tracks of simultaneous playback and up to 24-tracks of recording, including the modeled sound of classic mixer channels, buss compression and top-notch effects with VST support.



Reyburn CyberTunercybertuner, music, tuning, expensive apps

$999 | iOS

Anyone who’s ever had their piano professionally tuned knows it’s an expensive, recurring cost of ownership. With the right tools, training, and this app on your iPhone or iPad, you could save bundles in the long run.






TouchChat HD – AAC with WordPowertouch chat, deaf, iOS, app

$299 | iOS

A wonderful communications tool for those with autism, Down Syndrome, ALS, stroke and similar conditions, this app allows these individuals to tap pictures or select from word-based vocabulary and express themselves through any of five built-in synthesized voices. For the liberation it serves, this app’s worth every penny.






5-Minute Sports Medicine Consultsports medicine, apps, expensive apps, athletes

$100 | iOS and Android

Any serious athlete or gym rat would get a kick out of this practitioner’s guide on the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of more than 280 sports-related injuries and medical problems.







Emergency Centralemergency central, app, iOS, Android

$160 per 1-year subscription | iOSAndroid and BlackBerry

Created for hospitals and clinics, this app features an amazing collection of disease, drug and test-results information.







XA1/XA1pxa1, app, iOS, audio

$179 | iOS

Audio nerds, listen up! This real-time audio spectrum analyzer uses the built-in microphone of your iPhone or iPad to capture sound, and provide a highly accurate visible frequency reference of it. An invaluable tool during the mixing process! Keep in mind most hardware spectrum analyzers start in the $1,000 range.




DateSquare for Elitedatesquare elite, app, Windows Phone, dating app

$480 | WP

MSN recently said that, on average, we spend around $146,000 finding our soulmate. This app’s just a drop in the (gold) bucket along that journey.










iParkinsonsparkinsons, app, iOS

$999 | iOS

This clinical-grade application provides four types of altered auditory feedback (AAF) plus visual feedback for patients suffering from hypokinetic dysarthria, the speech disorder associated with Parkinson’s disease.






Buddy Repperton’s Basketballbasketball, buddy repperton basketball, iOS, betting

$199 | iOS

Calling all bettors! Get only the premium selections from one of the most highly successful, big-name freelance sports handicappers in the business. The more you win, the more he wins – so the odds are good.







Architactile InceptioniOS, tablet,

$499 | iOS

Whether you construct skyscrapers or do home renos and build backyard decks for a living, this app will accelerate early project definition by focusing on high level space requirements, planning and codes, conceptual budgets, bubble diagrams and total project cost analyses.






vueCAD Pro

$999 | iOS

As its website says, from coffee cups to rockets, nearly everything we touch today is designed in CAD. Load models directly onto your iPhone or iPad through FTP, a website, 3rd-party services (i.e. Dropbox), iTunes, and email.








iDIA Diagnostic Imaging Atlas, Small Animal

$399 | iOS

Animal docs and experienced breeders/trainers use this app to validate diagnosis in pets and small animals with specific conditions, providing insightful images for client education. There’s also an Equine Edition for a mere $350.






The Alchemist SMSalchemist sms, app, iOS

$999 | iOS

This app provides people in the steelmaking and scrap metal recycling industry with the tools necessary to achieve reductions in raw material costs. Trust us, one glimpse of the smelting-hot profit numbers in this app may have you collecting tin cans by morning.





3D Nasal Vista3D Nasal Vista, iOS

$199 | iOS

Ever wished you could travel through a 3D visualization of your nasal cavity? We thought so. Intended for medical students, this app lets you poke and prod, study the complex anatomical structure and view surgical procedures done to the human nose.


Luminair – DMX Lighting Controllight app, iOS

$99 | iOS

Make your household lighting come alive with “the original and most advanced lighting controller software,” allowing wireless control of DMX-enabled fixtures, dimmers, consoles, and media servers all via a Wi-Fi connection.






VIP BlackThe millionaire club, expensive app, iOS

$999 per 1-year membership | iOS

Also known as “The Millionaire’s App”, this exclusive (and UK-centric) membership-rewards club requires that you prove your net worth to be north of £1M just to get in. Only then, you’ll be able to enjoy the luxe-lifestyle of butlers, personal buyers, sweet rides, swanky hotels, high theatre, sexy personal trainers, private jets/yachts/islands, fine dining and more all at cut-rates.





Lexi-DENTAL COMPLETEdental apps, iOS, android

$285 per year | iOS, Android and BlackBerry

Got the hankering to perform a DIY root canal? While we suggest that you don’t, this guide, filled with thousands of radiographs, images and charts, will at least ensure that you know your upper right first bicuspid from your lower left lateral.








Nursing Constellation Plusnursing app

$177 |  Android

Yet another medical app. This one is intended for our large and valuable nursing community; it seamlessly integrates clinical, drug and laboratory information There’s even a nifty drug dosing calculator, plus ongoing content updates with free medical news and alerts.







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One thought on “20 Crazy-Expensive Apps

Sandra, on said:

I thot that there would be apps that would help the average person. My phone comes with many but I hear that there are thousands that cost under $5.00

That would interest me.


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